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JoAnne's Philosophy

There are times in all of our lives when we feel overwhelmed with personal and emotional issues, and want outside help to resolve these problems. However many people are embarrassed about their struggles in life or worry about being judged or criticized.

My approach to counseling is to create a non-judgmental atmosphere so that you can focus on meaningful ways to achieve success in your life.

I honor each person as an individual and provide insight, guidance and support to help you heal from whatever is disturbing you in life. I look at each person as an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual being, and encourage balance is each of these areas. I love my work and provide a safe and stimulating environment for you to achieve your goals.

My natural tendency is to be active in session providing you with feedback and stimulating ideas.

JoAnne Averett MA LMHC, Marriage, Family, Child, Individual Counselors, Woodinville, WA

Services Provided

Wedding Officiant
Rituals & Ceremonies
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No matter what has
happened to you in the
past, and no matter what
lies ahead of you, the
most important thing is
what lies within you.